Welcome to Key West Rubbers!

Contrary to your best guess, the “Rubbers” are really rubs for meats . . . beef, pork, poultry, fish and even veggies.  They are made from all-natural spices, blended with the utmost care and packaged securely to preserve the integrity of the unique flavors.  Each package will service several pieces of meat - there are plenty of Rubbers to go around.

 You may think you already have a great piece of meat, but we guarantee a Key West Rubber will make it even better!  Always start with a coat of olive oil, massaged thoroughly over your meat, then pick your Rubber flavor and sprinkle it on sparingly . . . don't get carried away - you can always apply your Rubber multiple times if you feel you might not have enough at first. 

 So, grab a Margarita, kick off your flip-flops and explore our site.  Have a chuckle or two as you click on the product descriptions.  Then place an order to enjoy the very best of Key West Rubbers in your own home.  Treat Your Meat!